We are happy to announce that Stacc has been awarded the 2017 Deloitte Rising Star Award for Hordaland, Norway.

The award, which is being handed out to the most innovative company in the region, was announced this afternoon at First Tuesday Bergen. It is awarded to companies that have demonstrated radical innovation and high growth.

Earlier winners include it'slearning, TicketCo and Dirtybit. Stacc is proud to join the ranks of these highly regarded peers.

- Stacc is experiencing rapid growth and has clear ambitions to expand internationally. With easy access to a broad ecosystem of partners, talent and banks in our region we are trying to rapidly innovate and deploy new technology solutions within the financial services space, comments board member Dag Alvern upon receiving the award.

- It is our belief that companies in Norway, with a highly connected banking infrastructure and widespread broadband and smartphone adoption have a huge potential to innovate within the fintech space. 

- The award reaffirms our commitment to continue the hard work of trying to create innovative platforms and building blocks for the financial services industry.

Stacc is a Scandinavian based fintech platform company providing innovative solutions for advisory services, financial services process management and portfolio management (loan, leasing and deposit).