Our ambition is to create a financial services technology company with a broad platform of solutions - Delfi Data fits perfectly into this strategy.

With this acquisition, Stacc secures the majority share of a company providing advisory applications to a number of banks in Scandinavia. Employees of Delfi Data stays on as owners holding more than 45% of the company.


Delfi Data is a leading and highly skilled supplier of advisory applications with over 140 banks on it's list of clients and thousands of bank advisors use the product on a daily basis. The company has broad experience and a solid technology platform. They deeply know the industry.

In a marketplace in which the clients expect more and more sophisticated self service solutions within financial advisory services, we're convinced that Stacc with it's broad user experience and digitalization focus will provide important contributions in order to built a new generation of digital advisory platforms. 



We're looking forward to assist Delfi Data in creating a new generation of digital financial advisory solutions with a cloud based platform. A platform on which banks and clients can collaborate on gaining financial insights and setting financial goals. A platform which integrates easily into the banks' different channels and servicing concept.

Our strategic focus remains developing Stacc as a hub in an ecosystem of platform companies with a dedicated focus on digital product development of financial services products - in order to become a valuable partner for banks that are serious about business development and digitalization.