The platform

The Stacc platform enables you to be competitive in tomorrows digital banking world. The platform embraces business and product development allowing you focus on your customer needs and their experience using your service.


Key Features


account creation

Account Fees, Contacts, Infinite Contact Roles, Payment plan, Rate set, Disbursements, Billing, Commissions, Fixed Assets


Advanced Disbursement

Money transfer, Redeem other accounts, Interim Conditions per contract, Multiple vendors/disbursements per account, Currencies 


Billing and Collection

Interest calculation engine, Automated billing engine, E-Invoice, E-Mail/PDF, Customer specific cost center/dept., Incurred costs, Consolidated invoice, VAT


Additional Products, Insurance and other 3rd party products

Add insurance and other 3rd party products to contract, Billing of 3rd party products


Commissions and subversions

Upfront amount, Interest split, Startup fee split, Term fee split, Annuity split 



Integrated real-time accounting, Accruals and deferrals, Multi company, Perfect for any level of consolidation or stand-alone accounting, Assets / write offs


Client payments

Over-/underpayment handling, Unidentified payments, OCR/SEPA 


Account management

Rate Change, Part/ Early Redemption, Automatic extension, Due day change, Account transfer, Collateral, Change Log 


Fleet management

Supports operational leasing, data collection from 3rd party sources, invoicing, self service web and mobile solutions



Reminders Collection agency integration; status and payments, Group and Manual write-downs 


Reporting & analysis

P&L on an account and client basis, Built-in integration with Power BI

Multi country | whitelabel | Multi brand

Platform architecture to support multi-country (language, base currency, legal, compliance, reporting) and multi-brand (business rules, channels, reporting, accounting).


Seamless integration



The platform can be fully accessed through an API enabling you to leverage the functionality of the platform in other systems such as web and mobile banking solutions, self service solutions, agent servicing solutions and whatever system in which you need access to the data and features of your financial services platform.



Integration with Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Office comes out of the box, enabling you to analyze your portfolio, clients, transactions and more in every dimension thinkable.

Reporting flexibility with respect to both management, compliance and operational issues will be a highly valuable feature.



As the name platform implies, the platform embrace integration. Our customers will be able to integrate and fully automate interactions with front-end systems such as online banking portals, tailored mobile solutions for extra customer value and / or systems and tooling used for internal efficiency. 


Flexible hosting and operations options



The Stacc platform can, from a technical perspective, be hosted completely in the cloud (Azure). A cloud based solution allows for reduced setup time, great scalability and high uptime, at a reasonable cost.

Hybrid cloud

We also offer a Hybrid Cloud hosting options which provides the relevant flexibility to handle all legal, compliance and internal policies rules in question with a specific installation in a specific country.

on premise

The Stacc platfom might just as well be hosted as a complete On-premise solution. The infrastructure are based on Microsoft (OS and SQL Server) components and can be setup using both virtual servers and / or physical servers. The customer will be able to tailor the setup to ensure scalability and uptime to suit their business needs.


Where does the platform fit into a bank techstack?

The Stacc platform will typically be supported by an origination and application processing system/solution, which will take care of initial customer dialog, credit scoring and document control. When the credit are ready to be established the Stacc platform creates the account and perform the disbursment of the credit. 

During the lifespan of the credit the customer will normally utilize a online banking / self services solution while the banks employees will normally use the platforms built in user interface.