Multi country

The Stacc platform architecture allows one legal unit to run finance operations in several countries. The Stacc platform architecture could be setup with flexibility to comply with all legal and compliance requirements for each country and still provide complete aggregated accounting and reporting features. This also includes the possible need to operate with different base currencies pr country.



We believe in flexibility and can easily support and integrate with any number of distribution-channels from the Stacc platform and therefore maintain one unified customer experience. Your customers and your employees work with the same set of data from the same platform across different channels and support systems.

The distribution channel used will still be available for reporting, analysis, commission and even tailored business rules if relevant.


Whitelabel - Brand

With our platform you could completely whitelabel or support multiple brands under which you offer financial services like secured and unsecured loan, leasing, deposits. The active brand will be available for reporting, analysis, commission and even tailored business rules if relevant.


Typical project roadmap

The implementation if the Stacc platform with a new customer normally require a pre-study followed by an implementation project. The project can be lightweight and completed within a few weeks or be more complex and be completed within a matter of months.

The pre-study will normally be conducted to determine all the product characteristics, all internal and external interfaces and partners. Furthermore the pre-study also investigates and walk-through all business processes and determine any customer-specifics needs and relevant business documents.

If relevant, the pre-study will also investigate how to handle a conversion of an existing portfolio from an existing system.

After the pre-study the implementation project will be estimated and agreed with respect to roles, level of support, timeline and cost. 

The implementation project will configure and tailor the platform to the findings from the pre-study both with respect to product and process, setup all interfaces and business documents and perform testing.

The project will assist when the system go live and for the first weeks in operation.

After a few weeks of successful operation the implementation project are concluded, but Stacc will continue to follow up as agreed in the maintenance agreement.

With the new platform our customers will normally make use of the platform to achive high levels of automation and allow for real product and business development.

We will of course be happy to facilitate and enable you in the competition within digital banking and finance for many years to come.