Monobank is a pure digital bank with offices in Bergen, Norway offering unsecured loans and high interest deposit accounts.

The bank opened for business on September 19th 2015 and has 20 employees with broad experience from the financial services industry.


Brage Finans

Brage Finans is a financial services company holding a financing license in Norway.

The company focuses on car finance in the consumer marketplace as well as loan and leasing products within the business marketplace.

Brage Finans was founded June 2nd 2010 by 10 different Norwegian savings banks.



Easybank offers auto loans and consumer finance products as well as deposit accounts with high interest rates.



Auto Plan

Fleet Management from Auto Plan is a complete solution simplifying car fleet operations for both private and public sector organizations. Auto Plan's employees and fleet management system give the clients a full overview of their fleet of cars, leasing, service agreements, comprehensive cost control and a reliable fleet.